Asian Dignity Initiative

Who we are

Founded in 2016, Asian Dignity Initiative(“ADI”) is the first non-governmental organization from the Republic of Korea that aims at restoring human rights in conflict-affected areas in Asia.  We have served as a facilitator to bring about sustainable hope in the post-conflict setting.  To achieve our end, we amplify unheard voices of the victim-survivors, build resilience of individuals and the community, and bridge resources and experience.  We value human rights-based approaches, local-driven partnership, sustainability, and transparency.  We are given the special consultative status with UN ECOSOC.

What we do

To realize our goals, we have documented violations of human rights, empowered the individuals and community, and bridged resources and experience.  We have been presented in Myanmar, Bangladesh/Rohingya, Palestine and India/Tibet.



We document testimony from victim-survivors of the atrocity and gather to preserve evidence to promote their right to remedy. We provide them with legal representation and other support including empowerment programs with grassroots organizations.  This process contributes to uncovering the truth and bringing justice to the victims.  We have currently been working on Rohingya genocide from 2017, Occupation/Gender-based violence in Palestine from 2018, and Tibetan human rights from 2020.



We support victim-survivors in many ways to reclaim lives of dignity.  We provide them with trauma healing sessions while we also train them to guarantee sustainability in psychosocial support.  Our program prioritizes women capacity building to lead sustainable changes.  Our programs include the psychosocial support programs in Rohingya camps, Bangladesh from 2018, the Peace Library Program in Myanmar from 2018, and the Women Support Center(2019)/Trauma Healing Center in Palestine(2020).



We connect between the needs on the ground and resources including financial support, knowledge, expertise, and experience from various sectors worldwide.  We also engage in the international community to raise voices of the victim-survivors or our local partners to advocate for their rights.  

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